Are the Penalties the Same for DUIs Involving Prescription Medication?  

Once a person has been charged with a Driving under Influence (DUI) case, they face problems that require greater penalties. However, a DUI involves people with both legal and illegal drug prescription. And people think that once a person was charged about it, they usually believe that the driver has influenced the alcohol only. This is commonly a misconception to some. Not only alcohol that causes a driver to impairment issues. Certain drug and alcohol combination in your body has a great factor too. However, they may have some commonalities, certain circumstances are needed to be thought before handling exact penalties for it. And if you find yourself evicted or being charged with this, asking the best lawyer from Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers might help you. They have been dealing with issues all about DUI. Also, they can adhere to certain advice for your case to lessen or be diminished.   

Though, driver’s cases of impairment come from alcohol and drugs or possibly the combination of the two. Hence, upon charging a particular person in DUI, they can be charged under the influence of alcohol and drugs regardless if it’s legal or an illegal prescription. No matter things are, once they are detected as being influence by either the two or both, still penalties and certain cases will be charged upon them.   


To give you a clearer idea about the penalties being charged to a person even if they have been taking legal drugs, we have rounded below the most reliable information we have gathered from numerous researches we have compiled. Take note of these to get your confusion away.  

If the drug being taken is legal, why is it that you still be charged with DUI? There are certain drugs prescribed by the doctor that should not be taken when driving. But, if you insist to take the drug regardless of the issue, you can probably be charged with DUI. Better to drive first safely before taking some medication since the police officer will immediately charge you as soon as you are detected in such a crime.  

If you have been charged as an impaired driver, is it still the same as a person with DUI in drugs? Take note that the impairment is the effect of a particular person in the body. Thus, the penalty is not the same. Minimal charges are being applied to that person who purposely takes drugs on the use of medication.   

It may be confusing for some people especially those who have been taking drugs prescribed by the doctor. But, it always counts depends on the condition of the person driving. Once they have been detected that they are not capable of driving no matter what type of prescription they have taken, they can still be charge under the influence of drugs. But minor charges will be applied as long as they have visible evidence to show that they have been taking legal drugs.