When’s the Best Time to Buy a New Pair of Shoes?      

If you are still contemplating whether you need to buy a new pair of shoes or not, then this article is for you. Keep on reading as we discuss to you some of the considerations and signs that indicate that now is the time to replace your shoes and invest in a brand new one. 


Your shoes get more wrinkles compared to your feet after washing them for a long time 

One of the greatest signs of worn-out shoes is when its midsole foam compresses. Once the foam has lost its responsiveness will look squished and appear to have horizontal wrinkles. Moreover, this is a greater sign compared to the shoes’ rubber outsole—other walkers and runners wear by rubber parts in less than a hundred miles due to friction.  

Everything begins to hurt 

Shoes are not a magic bullet, but the more push it farther than the expected shelf-life, the less cushioning and support it will have, which only provide additional fatigue and additional feet to your hips, knees, and feet. When additional pains and aches appear to match up to the shoe that gets a bit old, changing it with a new pair can possibly give you’re your much-needed ease and comfortability.  

You are signed up for a race that has been on your calendar for months 

If you are planning to train for a goal race, be it a marathon or a 5K race, you need to begin the goal even on having a significantly new pair of shoes. The shoes that you’ve already used for a long time as you train may not be prepared for yard duty. However, refrain from using shoes that are more than halfway through their shelf-life on the most demanding walk or run of the season. Instead, we highly suggest that you rotate in your new pair of shoes almost ½ to two-thirds of the way into the cycle of training and to utilize them for less than ½ of your runs up until the ultimate day of the race. With this method, you will totally get used to your shoe and you already know which socks you’re comfortable using with them. Aside from that, you can guarantee that they will not be broken down.  

You cannot recall when the last time you purchased a pair of shoes is 

Shoes have a shelf-life that we commonly measure in miles, however, even those unworn shoes can become deteriorated over 1-2 years. The foam, which makes up the most crucial part of the cushioning of the shoe will be less “lively” and responsive eventually as it gets degraded. Even if you use them irregularly, we suggest that you update your athletic shoes yearly at least once every three to six months.  

These are only some of the things you need to think about as you think about purchasing a new pair of shoes or just repair your current shoes. If you prefer the latter, make sure to use the best cordonnerie Montreal service available to guarantee great results.