Is It Really Necessary to Get Rid of Tree Stump?

All trees have their own life cycle. Typically, you are left with a stump on the lawn whenever you have to cut down a tree. Because of this, you may be thinking about stump removal or stump grinding Columbia SC if you have one or a couple more tree stumps on your property. However, is it really required?  

Today, we are going to talk about why you should think about getting rid of that old tree stump on your property. 

Choosing What to Do About a Stump 

The reasons that you might have might influence the decision-making process if you are thinking about getting rid of a tree stump. On a couple of occasions, you may be shocked at how hard the decision can be. It is common to be attached to a tree. That old stump in your lawn might serve as a remembrance of your tree that once provided you protection and shade.  

However, it is also quite common to see a couple of tree stumps all over the property that you have bought recently. Oftentimes, this is because of a previous owner who removed trees hurriedly to prepare the property for a listing on the market. On these occasions, the option to get rid of a tree stump might be much drier and more cut.  

If you are still hesitant, here are a couple of reasons you’ve got to think about: 

  • Get Rid of the Roots 

While a tree root might not be as sturdy as it would be with the real tree attached, it can still have offshoots and continue to grow. On these occasions, old roots can present an unseen risk to your utility lines and damage the pipes. 

  • A Healthy Lawn 

The decay process might invite pests and other unwanted critters on your property whenever you allow old stumps to stay on the lawn. Beetles, termites, carpenter ants, and a lot more might find your old stump an ideal shelter. If they settle in, they might spread to your house. In addition to that, old stumps can invite fungi and mold to grow. These unwanted items can present a threat to your family as well as your property. 

  • A Safer Lawn 

Kids love to play and run. An old tree stump presents a risk for kids at play since they can simply trip on it. Also, whenever guests are on the property, it creates a liability.  

  • A Better Looking Lawn 

An ugly looking tree stump can greatly affect the overall appearance of your lawn. This is particularly true if it is already decaying. Even if you trim your lawn property, an old tree stump can still ruin its appearance. Because of this, you have to get rid of these stumps to provide your lawn with a new space to add new features. You might also have to get rid of these stumps if you are planning to sell your house in the future.  

Tree stumps are hard to eliminate. If you’ve got one in your lawn, contact an arborist to have it removed.  

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